Yoga Moments: Seated to Standing with a Side of Trust

This heart opening yoga flow is designed to create just that: An Open Heart. Lean in. Breathe deep. Believe you can. 

Yoga Moments Special Edition: Snow Yoga/Sno-ga - Gatineau Park

Cold bodies don't move the same as warm ones! Welcome to a special edition and challenging practice in beautiful Gatineau Park in Quebec, Canada. Yoga is about the journey, creating space and exploring new frontiers both within ourselves and outside of ourselves. I share this video as a reminder that it is the journey and the practice because that's what makes it real. Join me and have a laugh! Sno-ga is much more challenging than I anticipated!

Yoga Moments - Grateful and Grounded

Get centered and balanced with this low to the ground yoga flow.

Gentle Chair Yoga for those just starting out

Welcome to the chair! An introduction and quick flow for people who are interested in trying yoga but might not be able to do much standing or be on the floor. So if you don't have much mobility right now, this one is for you! Whether you're brand new to yoga or a seasoned veteran, welcome! I encourage you to do what you can and leave comments if you have questions or need more clarity or adjustments. Namaste.

Gentle Chair Yoga - Whole Body Stretch

I totally lied! The plan was for a 10 minute video but the stretching just felt so good that we ended up with almost twice that! Great for people just starting to move or anyone who has had a long day. Stretch it out. Feel good. Be kind.

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